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Kids snacks

It’s not a case of let’s the change diet because xmas is over….

There will always be some sort of holiday, birthday, celebration that allows the laxity of normal healthy eating habits

There always be some excuse that requires parents to let their children eat whatever junk because its “really ok they are just kids” or allow for mediocrity achievements to reward the child

The child learns nothing except that there are just loop holes in the healthy lifestyle..

The child’s learns to navigate the potholes in the road of life created for them through parental excuses of self guilt, compensated with rewarding foods

What are rewarding foods?

Generally something that increases our dopamine reward mechanisms. Eg sugar, screen time, junky high carb foods

Then we later blame the child for obesity, bad eating choices , being “picky eaters” etc..

Where did they get this learned behavior from?


Their model citizens !

Food is a powerful tool for maintenance of health, bringing a family together, meeting people, becoming more in tune with nature, and understanding what fuels us.

The timing of the food is as important as the number of times we decide to spike the kids insulin level with snacks, and just as paramount of what we give them.

Kids are in their nature just that… KIDS

They look to us for guidance.

If we cannot control our own impulse eating and lack of awareness and presence while eating.. how can we expect them to do the same

The “change of diet” also causes change in our gut microbiome..

Which hugely impacts our immunity, our moods, our intentions, our goals… our very life…

This is a much greater issue.. (address later)
We tell kids ” dont drink and drive” or ” dont talk to strangers” (yet we get into an uber precured off the internet) ” or ” be good” or “dont do drugs”

What about some more useful advice like “eat responsibly”, “get some exercise ”

You know things that dont start with a “dont do this…” and wave our finger at them as we put on a gruff authoritarian voice and frown

Better yet.. why dont we exercise some of these same values that we would like to instill into the healthy lifestyle of the next generation

The kids are always watching and learning…

this is evolution folks

Want your legacy to survive?

Feed them things that will augment their DNA not disintegrate it

Starts with us first.

Getting off the food soap box (for now)
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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