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Success and failure

I always thought that I had to excel. Become more than what I was. Exceed the expectations of others. So I tried and failed. Tried and failed some more. This cycle went on for years, decades in fact. In some ways still does. I had created habit patterns in my mind and did just that, ” try to excel.”

One day I discovered that I was getting pretty good at excelling and also pretty good at failing. Was this a new skill that I had acquired over the years. Was this part of an experience of being human? Could this be a skill that is taught over a lifetime and encoded within our genetics?

So as I tried to develop the skill of excelling I came upon a slightly different idea.

Excelling was not about skill at all. It was about attitude.

When I chose to excel and followed through by linking them to my priorities in life, I excelled. When I chose to excel at tasks and did not link them to my priorities, they became my failures and distractions.

Life is about attitude. It is what I choose to put forth my energy into, that will manifest. I had control of the outcome too. Little did I realize that my course correction of attitude held all the power to be able to navigate my sails towards the desired destination.

Attitude and not skill helps us excel.

Thought you should know.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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