Why do we hurt each other? Why do we keep hurting those that we love?

Ripping another person to shreds with our harsh words, impulsive outbursts or actions and hateful comments stem from something deeper within. So why do it?

When we project our own deep seated wounds on to someone else it makes us temporarily feel better. It allows us the opportunity to take a breather from our own story that is constantly running our subconscious. We may criticize them, we may blame them, we may incite anger remarks that put them down. We do this at times unintentionally yet we do it to save ourselves. We do it to our children, friends, family members or anyone who is close enough to hold onto the heavy burden for us even if it is for a moment, yet little do we realize that those packages or baggages that we dump on to someone else may one day leave scars.

It is hard to first identity the wound let alone recognize how to fix it. Harder still to see how it effects other people. When the nature of the wound is revealed, the healing begins. The longer term effect is in fact just the opposite, as we widen the wound we inflict upon ourselves. Yet how can we see the destructive nature of our wounds projections through our emotional storm?

By being present. Whether in mediation or working with someone who can hold space for us to be able to discover the truth. It is through working on ourselves and shedding the layers of our own torments that the light hidden within is revealed. Wounds are battle scars of having lived. We show them to others to prove that we have lived, justifying our existence. Yet it is our own witnessing that we seek. We rarely hear stories of great deeds that are not balanced out immediately with how hard it was to get there in the same statement.

We all have wounds. We all want to heal from them. We all want to be loved. We just do not need to perpetuate the wound in the process. We do not need to hide the wound as it comes up to be healed. Nor do we need to hurt others on our own path of healing.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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