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The other day I was just falling asleep and I glanced at the kids and wifey lying next to me. They are my physical family bound by blood and genetics. My mind wandered remembering my parents and when I was a child and seeing the idea of family through a child’s eyes and further my extended physical family ties through blood and marriage. We are all individuals alone in this world growing up in “families” or tribes and connecting with others for mutual survival and growth. To understand love and the universe and how we fit into it all we join each other for experiences. These are not always good or bad but are in many ways instructive.

As I started to expand my awareness to beyond the bedroom I remembered who else I connect to that I would call family or tribe. I recollected my friends in my gym at Crossfit Swarm and they are my “gym family”. I recalled my running group friends at RYH ( Run Your Health) as my ” running family”. This went on to register all my “crossfit family” as I connect with them across various gym boxes round the country. I further then expanded it to my ” office family” at work and then further to my ” hospital family ” including all the nurses, doctors, clerks, house staff and so on.

The awareness continued to grow to add my ” Demartini Facililator ” family a collection of bright minded global family that I connect with regularly online or at courses. I noted all the folks I have never met, yet stay connected to through social media every day as my ” media family”. I went back further to my school days and recalled all my friends in medical school as my “med school UNE family” ( administrators and colleagues and teachers alike). My old school in Kuwait brought back fond memories of my ” school family”.

Soon I was in tears of gratitude for all the various tribes I had connected with and was a part of during my time so far on this planet. I noted the beautiful relationships of every person in all these families and how I interacted with them and they with me and transformed me in some way and I with them in some fashion by interaction. We are never alone, for we are also connected to our spiritual family, ancestral family and the families of the seen and unseen natural and supernatural realms.

The universe is a vastly small place once we feel the invisible thread that connects all of us together through out time and space in all lifetimes and in all dimensions. Born alone but never alone.

thank you for being part of my life and allowing me to be part of yours.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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