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Healthy foods

Ever notice that the grocery stores have a separate section for ” healthy foods” ?

I could never understand that concept. And yet there are separate stores devoted to healthy foods ! If there is a section in your local grocery store that is healthy what does that make the rest of the store? What are they selling in all the other aisles?

It is through the choices of the consumers that the markets are governed. It is in the attunement of the mindsets of us as the buyers that we can change what is actually being sold.

When we stop looking for convenience and look at nutritious options then we can make a difference.

When we see the value in our own health, we can start making a difference.

When we understand the labels, we can start making the shift.

When we choose to stop the apathy we can start making a shift.

There is an abundance of healthy nutrients found in nature. Why not explore these instead of the processed foods that are in the rest of the store?

Some thoughts.
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Author: Brown Knight

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