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We are in a magnificent eclipse corridor. With these 2 weeks we are oscillating between a Solar and a Lunar eclipse.

There is deep healing of old wounds, and emotional trauma that is going on within our cells that holds the memories within our body.

Keep feeling and integrating and processing and then releasing.

The solar eclipse completed few days ago and the lunar eclipse is set for july 16 that will then stir up even more unconscious memories that are set for clearing.

The july eclipse will be a beautiful time to create new intentions and visions to be then brought into manifestation by the time the next full moon arrives. This is necessary as we must replace the voids once cleared with what we want to see and correlate.

This is an energetic volatile time for each one of us, so hold the sacred space for yourself and others to heal and traverse the shifts, with love, kindness and gratitude.

This is about working together and not working divided.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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