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Knowledge, wisdom and philosophy

I have at times pondered the differences of knowledge and wisdom. Some have mocked me with the notion that this is all simply philosophy.

So I decided to use these terms of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy with real life examples to explore the definitions.

For example, In the field of exercise.

Knowledge is understanding the mechanics and functionality of running.
Wisdom is the applicability of this knowledge to daily running practices.
Philosophy is the conjecture of an idea that I can run faster, longer and more efficiently.

In the field of nutrition.

Knowledge is understanding what foods are nutritious and healthy.
Wisdom is applying these foods in daily meal preparations.
Philosophy is the thought of expanding these foods to all meals and creating the possibilities of new recipes.

In the field of driving a car.

Knowledge is the understanding of how to drive a car.
Wisdom is applying this knowledge while driving on the roads safely.
Philosophy is pondering the ramifications of driving backwards on the highway.

In the field of meeting someone.

Knowledge is the understanding of who is that person on front of me.
Wisdom is in recognizing their personality as points of individuality.
Philosophy is being able to understand how this person can serve all of humanity and if I can help them fulfill that role.

Knowledge, wisdom and philosophy are key moments of integration of experiences that evolve our consciousness to greater levels each day. Perhaps you can come up with more examples. Please share, I would love to hear your examples.
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Author: Brown Knight

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