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Who are you supposed to be?

Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be.

Yet what we all are trying to succeed at is living simply as who we are.

When we try to be what others want for us, force us, impress upon us to be or become, it is virtually impossible to fulfill that role.


Because it is not who we are. Those ideas of others belong to others and have not originated within our own divine light spark. So how can we be anything but true to ourselves.

We fail.

Till one day we hope to awaken and shift.

It is then perhaps not too late to succeed at becoming who we are.

We always have been. But Forgotten.

Awaken my brothers and sisters of light.

Become who you are and not what others choose for you.

Choose you

Be You.

Become you now.

Fulfill your goals.

Create your dreams.

Live your life.
i love you.

Author: Brown Knight

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