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Full moon

The full moon returns…. you are thinking what again ? Almost a month already ?

Yes time has sped up throughout out solar system. Slightly faster enough to warrant us realize that it is accelerating out of control here on earth.

On this full moon, just give yourself permission to BE. Just BE.

Stay present.

Embrace all parts of you in the moment.

The universe IS always watching YOU.

You are never alone.

Here is a little invocation that might help ground you to the moment of the energy of the full moon. Relax in a comfortable position. Repeat 3x

” I am present

I am whole.

I am complete

I am part of the universe

The universe is part of me.

I am ME.

I co-create the reality of my choice.

I am that I am

I am Love. ”

Enjoy the experience and the potency of this moon.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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