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Pipes of life

There are days when everything feels complicated, and convoluted. Those days I cannot see where things started or will end. I cannot make sense of anything that is happening or why it has happened. I feel lost. The magic of the day escapes me leaving me drained and distorted. Perhaps you can relate.

Yet it is these exact days that allow me to grow. It is not always in the balance that I grow. Sometimes it is in the unbalanced states that I find myself searching for a deeper understanding and hope to grow. It is here where I find my power and will to stand. Or at least to crawl back to reality.

It is the finding my way back through the pipes of life and tracking back what decisions were taken to get me to where I am now, that I glimpse where the road may take me forward. Unraveling the distorted threads of my past, I am able to begin the process of healing the present. It is here in this moment between breaths that I begin to map out an epic future.

Seeing the past, the present and the future as all occurring together gives me focus of the plan. Seeing all the pipes of time flowing as one, I realize that the twists and turns of the eternal plot were just pauses in my life to reflect and return to center. The magic of the day returns slowly through my mind and into my blood with renewed vitality as I simply observe that the entire map was in fact written by me. I am the author and creator of my history and destiny.

Look at your life carefully. I suspect you will find that you may have thought what was “in the way” was actually “on the way”. And the present challenges are also on the way towards your brightest of futures.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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