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My friend had taken this picture the other day. I could not stop viewing it in my mind’s eye as it kept haunting my thoughts. After deep meditation, this is what my soul understood by this picture.

What does this stillness represent?

It is in this stillness that the truth is revealed.

The potential of the human soul

The knowledge of just be-ing.

The pause between breaths

The in between of lifetimes.

The light of all knowing

The rest of of dynamic motion.

The waiting room of dreams.

The magic of Source

The pause before creation

The stillness is all this and so much more. It is the very renovation of states of matter back into Oneness. The dynamic pendulum of life and death that swings and returns to perfect balance.

The stillness is all possibilities that have returned from manifest to the unmanifest state.

The stillness is simply is.

Timeless, spaceless, matterless.

Without end or beginning. Without beginning or end.

It is the nature of pre big bang.

It is the cosmic heart of the universe.

It is the very idea of the mind of intention of the universal Source.

Thank you my friend for reminding me of this.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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