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Heroes combine

For all you Marvel fans, Avengers Part 2 cometh. As you probably know the story but half the universe has been eliminated and old half the superheroes remain. The odds are against them and there appears to be the state of hopelessness, yet it is in this very darkness that they have to band together, be innovative and defeat the enemy.

I find this not dissimilar to our own mortal non superhero lives. When faced with adversity and seemingly unfathomable odds, there is an inner activation that occurs. A primal force of ancient origin that holds the potential of transforming our misery to a victory. This engagement summons all our gifts and our wisdoms to create and manifest the reality of our choice. Yes our choice. Not the reality that others have been choosing for us or forcing us to participate in.

It will take all parts of us to be owned and brought into the present to succeed. It takes sometimes a formidable challenge for us to discover what we truly want to accomplish in our lives. It takes us to the brink of our vulnerabilities. Nay it may even take us through them. Yet on the other side lies all that we truly desire and seek. Armed with our strengths having accepted our weaknesses, our focus sharpen, our DNA enhances, our higher mind comes online.

Accept every challenge with wisdom, love and gratitude. Use all your gifts,tools, talents and strengths. The big monster of a challenge is actually a friend to help you grow.

( and so we watch part 2 and see how our superheroes overcome their challenges with wisdom, talent and their gifts.)
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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