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The journey begins

Birthday Shenanigans are over, time to get to work for the year ahead.

So during my last 2 days of being sick and i have focussed to listen to my body and understand what, why and how of the illness that had befallen me, not out of self pity yet for self realization. I kept hitting the same similar chord of exploring uncharted territories and being even more authentic to my dreams, purpose and self. Living out my truths even more completely.

I let dreaming that I was on the precipice of change and wanted to discover what was “out there” for me to embody and shift. My mom who has never watched star wars buys me a birthday card totally at random, as seen in the picture.

it is the picture of Luke sky walker when he is at the sand dunes on his home planet Tattoeene, and looking out beyond the horizon. His dream was to leave his home and explore the galaxy and as we later discover helping plenty of people, worlds and having a huge impact in the galactic frontier.

He trusted his intuition and his friends and set out on his adventure.

I cried seeing this card. This was not because I am a star wars fan, but a validation from the universe to respond to all my hidden callings. To show up and show out. To do what I have always known that I will and choose to do. This was albeit synchronous for as I asked the universe for guidance, it was offered. Go and explore what I know lies for me beyond the horizon.

Never not trust yourself or the nature of the universe for help. And when you are called to do something. It is never too late, but can be for a wasted life is a wasted gift.
I love you

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