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Hello darkness my old friend

There are times when I remember that old song from Simon and Garfunkel, ” Hello darkness my old friend” . Within the darkness lies the representation of a fear. Yet Fear is a tremendous ally that is a faithful friend to us all. It deserves my respect and friendship. It is the catalyst to progress and advancement regardless in whatever area of life that it is applied to.

Fear can burn
Fear can cleanse
Fear can illuminate

Fear is created in legends, stories and perceptions of the unknown. It terrifies us with ideas of an impending dooming future.

Yet if we welcome fear as a friend, embrace it, accept it, and nourish it, it can help us turn the darkness into light. It literally will help us ” bring balance to the force”. The force of our lives, our dreams, our loves.

Once we know where fear is coming from, its own hurts and its wounds that it alone carries, we can learn to not pathologize it and instead alchemize it to love. Fear is the friendship that will always be with us. It is the friend in the dark that knows every inch of the darkness and can help guide us home towards to the light.

Next time you are faced with fear, see how the fear has helped you, served you, befriended you. Watch how the fear will guide you out to balance.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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