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A bus driver story

A unique patient encounter

I was talking to a patient the other day regarding his cardiac issues. It was a routine visit and everything appeared stable. Yet he appeared a little distracted. So I inquired as to the nature of his situation. Hesitatingly he revealed that he was undertaking a new job as a bus driver. It was not the driving the bus that was giving him the stress, but more the training ! Apparently all the while in the sessions his company has been indoctrinating him of all the negative things that can happen and how he should ignore them and just drive. He was so bogged down with the negativity that he was missing out on the opportunity that he was going to encounter as a bus driver. Yet I understood his predicaments.

I offered him another solution. We discussed the benefits of his new job as well as its drawbacks, yet we delved into other areas of his life that he was also similarly stressed. We quickly sequenced the source of his anxiety. This was the trigger to everything. Anxiety is usually based on a prior emotional fearful event and experience. We worked to dissolve this too. Moments later he was feeling better. I could tell as the energetics in the room had drastically shifted as did his aura and its fields ( thats a different discussion).

I introduced him to the notion that a balanced person is far more likely to influence those around him than someone who was consistently imbalanced. The calmer and the more poised he would be in his day, the calmer each passenger has the chance of becoming in his presence as they boarded the bus. He liked the idea of a bus load of relaxed balanced people. It is a delusion to think that we can change any or everyone. Yet it is far more feasible to raise our own vibrational frequency with a few simple techniques and then send out a rippling energetic state to all with whom we come into contact.

I hope that he continues to utilize the tools I showed him. Setting the tone for yourself each day is fundamental as we try to set the tone around us each day. We never know who will be helped by a balanced perspective or for that matter a state of inspirational grace.

It starts with us each day, each moment.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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