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hi folks another interesting client story, ( with permission from the client)

I recently had a beautiful human, who asked me to help her uncover why she was having shoulder pain. Her left shoulder had been quite the bother and had not been letting her exercise to the best of her abilities. My client was being affected by this gnawing daily ache. She had been to her traditional doctors and structural disease had been ruled out. Pain pills and physical therapy was suggested and had not been taking care of the issue. We worked together.

We figured out where she was “shouldering” unnecessary burdens. I had her tune into her body and we uncovered old wounds that she was holding on to as if they were her responsibilities to bear alone.

Once these perceptions had been relieved, it was amazing how immediately her pain shifted and she became empowered to return back to her athletic performances.

When we do not listen to our psychology about the imbalances of our past, they manifest within our physiology. Till we truly “hear” what our body is trying to tell us, we suffer.

I was grateful to be able to help her with her issue with the use of energy medicine.

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I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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