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Fear and guilt

I have often found that I am faced with feelings of fear and guilt that are expressed at the most inopportune times. They arise generally from triggers that have been disowned and are desperately asking for my attention to be balanced out and dissolved.

It is important to clarify what exactly is fear and guilt. They are conscious emotions that are created and the opposite perceptions that need to be balanced sit in our unconscious. Fear and guilt are based in the fabric of time and space.

Fear is an imagined emotion so based on a future perception of what will happen. Guilt is a memory emotion based on a past experience that created a perception. Either way we are not living in the moment and staying present and be subject to emotional biases. And so the emotional blustering crosswinds blow our sailboat from fear to guilt and back again. Without direction or a balanced compass our navigation through life is filled with perceptions and we get further and further away from our intended destination.

When we say that ” I have fear of the unknown” it is a misperception. One cannot know the unknown or what will happen in the future. What they are actually afraid of is the trigger that led to an unfulfilled experience.

The same thing with guilt. When we feel guilty, it is based on an experience in the past for which we may have done something narcissistic and prideful and so now feeling guilty. Again guilt is based on a past emotion. When we choose to discover the balance of these emotions and become fully present and authentic, these strings that hold us back from our true potential are severed.

Balance is a beautiful thing. It is what nature is constantly trying to bring us back to through the guidance of our intuition.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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