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Roles we play

The roles we play

Every day we put on the garb or disguise of a persona of that which we choose to reveal to the world. It is this role that we play when we interact with other humans we meet. I will use myself as an example

” I am a son”
In this role I was birthed by my parents and must satisfy my duties, obligations to them in the form of love. I interact with them as a son, an offspring of their legacy.

” I am a husband”
In this role I am married to my wife to whom I interact with daily. We converse and love each other in the roles of 2 humans and fulfill matrimonial duties and conduct a household.

” I am a father”

In this role, I am conduct my role reversed parental duties and obligations to my kids with love, affection, as guide and guardian.

” I am a physician”

In this role I carry out my duties of doctoring to my patients with all the knowledge learned through experience, study and research.

” I am a friend ”

in this role I aim to be support and honest to all those I call my friend. Whether distant or close, the degree does not change the role.

” I am teacher ”

In this role I am in the honored semblance to impart knowledge and wisdom through my own learnings to those I meet or connect with. Whether it is medical or spiritual knowledge the role remains.

So despite these roles that I create for myself in these interactions what is the role I portray when dealing with my self?

Looking in the mirror every day forces the sacredness of the self to be revealed in all its forms. The authentic version of ourselves. No mask, No persona, No illusion. No role. The genuine personification of the Self in human form.

With a hand on my heart I become exactly who I was meant to be. I do not have to be any one else or play a role, I simply honor that which is me. With Love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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