“If you do not empower yourself with high priority actions you will be disempowered by lower priority distractions. “- Dr John Demartini

We tend to live our lives in a fog constantly being driven by external factors and perceived responsibilities that drain us, no, in fact rob us of our true potential. The answer lies within to discover what is it that we truly value as goals to achieve and not fantasies to deceive us.

If laundry is truly your high value goal and you are truly the best at laundry then make that your focus, market it, and become the best laundry-person you can be. Provide that service to the world with dignity and respect and expedience. If however it is not, then do not delude yourself that this is a task that must take priority on your hierarchy of values.

The authentic version of us is always waiting for the chance to be revealed and honored. Yet we are victims of our mindsets and disempower ourselves everyday. I mockingly use the art of laundry to demonstrate this, yet I am faced with the same low priority distraction as you are. Alternatively if I cannot escape the reality of the daunting basket of laundry that glares at me humorously, then I attempt to reduce the time spent doing it and use that gained time with more valuable and rewarding actions.

Breaking down chores into smaller easily addressable chunks rather than spending heaps of time will save you time and effort in the long run. Yet what will really beneficial is figuring out your goals and becoming self empowered in all areas of your life.

If self empowerment is something that you are interested in learning and developing, then I can help you uncover your full potential.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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