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Evaluating the costs

Alvin the Elf meditative reflections

We pay much attention to the cost of our perishables. Food, clothes, gas, children’s toys, personal effects and the list is endless. Most are all bought on a whim with great expediency. We “need” and so we “buy” or rather we consume. It is very easy to do this as this is a part and parcel of life. We do this without question.

Yet I have often wondered what is the cost of not following your heart. Attaining your lofty goal. Reaching out and touching that old seeded hope. Embracing an idea that can help others and not just yourself. Holding that dream in the palm of your hand. What is the cost of never doing any of these things?

Much of the time we spend the currency of our lives wishing we had achieved our purposes, yet in the quagmire of a daily routine we pick up a handful of sand of lost ideals. These quickly slip away from our grasp taken away by unforgivingness of time. We all know that we age, this is a reality and we do not question yet are surprised when it sneaks up on us in our morning aches on awakening, or our wrinkled reflected faces in the mirror.

It does not dawn on us that this has happened, yet I would urge you to not worry about this as much as to be concerned about the loss of time to fulfill your purpose. The cost is too great to live in complacency. The price is too high of a life un-lived or unloved. I for one have attempted to not dwell on the past losses of time, and instead gain momentum to cherish all that I have in the moment.

Are you following your heart? Regret is the high price tag of wishing you had.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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