There are times when I am faced with a varying audience. Eyes all watching me, ears perked up to listen to my words. What can be more vulnerable and raw than to open myself up to the audience?

My mind’s eye watches the number of people watching me, judging me and creating opinions about me. If there are 10 people in the room, there are 11 opinions about me, if there are 101 people in the room, there are 100 opinions about me, if there are 1001 people in the room, there are 1001 opinions.

The number of people + 1.


My opinion of me is the only one that counts. This holds true when I am the only one in the room. There is only one opinion. Mine. When the mind is not distracted by what others think, there is room for the heart to expand and afford me the opportunity to show up as my authentic self. When this happens, my mind and my heart are balanced and centered as the door way to the soul is revealed.

All I have to do, is walk through and be me.

Choose me.

Others opinions of me are reflections of themselves that they have been unwilling to acknowledge. Just as I reflect to others their own traits, so too they are reflections of my traits.

With a balanced heart, mind, and body I discover….. I am. That’s all. I am the opinion of others and yet I am all of them and none of them simultaneously, so what difference does it make what someone’s opinion of me holds?

There are as many opinions and judgments of me, about me, as there are stars in the universe, so too I will embrace them all and become the one true authentic version of Me.

Show up as Me, not the best part of Me, not the worst part of Me, yet Both in an instant.

So today and forever more, I choose to be just Me.

Inspired Me and Empowered Me.

Me. With gratitude and love.
I love you

Ps art work courtesy of Nitika Bhatnagar

Author: Brown Knight


  1. For you to have an opinion about you, does that imply an “observing you” and the “you that is being observed”? When you observe: “that was a foolish thing for me to say”, who is doing the observing?

  2. This resonated with me instantly and I felt this is the BEST inspiration for me ! Love and gratitude to you Nitin!

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