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I Am Happy

Have you ever had a phrase stick in your head that you just can’t get rid off?

Well I did. It was written by my friend Dave Garrison, a therapist and fellow Demartini facilitator. ” I have what I have, I am happy” Beautiful, balanced and poignant.

My ” wheels of my mind” kept spinning feverishly and I came up with a few various combinations of my own, and I read them aloud over 100 times to see how the energetic frequency of the words would play out.

First one : ” I HAVE what I WANT , I am content”. Read this aloud and with your eyes closed and feel its hum. This implies success. An imaginary gain, that puts one into a state of satisfaction of having achieved the gain.

Second one: ” I WANT what I HAVE, I am thankful. ” Same thing again, try it. This phrase brings you back to the moment of owning what you have and being fully present with it, in a state of gratitude. Accepting things as they are, for what they are is not only humbling, yet tears of gratitude poured down my face as I systematically became thankful for every little thing in my life. People, belongings, objects, experiences and so on. Wanting what you get in life is happiness. And that was the realization that I had stumbled upon. The difference between “success “and “happiness” is literally swapping a word in a sentence structure, that changed the energetics of the moment.

The wheels didn’t stop turning.

Third one: ” I HAVE what I LOVE, I LOVE what I HAVE, I am at peace.” This to me created a much higher energetic and emotional response of balance, and sense of gratitude. The experiment continued, I removed the word LOVE, since in this phrase I was already in a state of balance and at peace. I was left with the mathematical conclusion of ” I have what I have, I am happy” !!!

I am thankful to Dave for this explosive experiment of words, intentions and thoughts that transpired. I was able to understand the perceptions of success and that of perceived happiness that eventually swings the pendulum back into balance and center, when one is fully present in the moment.

” I HAVE what I HAVE, I am happy”

Success and happiness are different levels of an energetic spectrum. A mind created ladder if you will that can play havoc with your emotions if not careful.

If you do not believe me, try this out for yourself. Out loud, or quietly, but keep repeating the phrases till you find your own center.

With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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