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Permission to Love

Do you give yourself permission to love yourself?
In a world of continuous motion and a perceived shortage of time, an idea is hurriedly birthed that we must always stay in motion. In doing so, it affords us little flexibility to unwrap a gift of love within our hearts. At times this gift is given to others unopened without ever understanding what lies within the bow tied offering.
Yet when do we slow down long enough to offer it to ourselves ? Perhaps when we self treat ourselves to a piece of delicious dessert or an aromatic beverage or perhaps still a day to the Spa, are precious substitutes. These may offer the mirage of peeking at the gift but not opening it entirely.
It requires permission to unlock the box that lies deep in the oceans of our heart. The permission is given unto ourselves so that we may love ourselves ever more deeply and wholly. It requires a trust of our own humanity that we will not hurt ourselves or damage the gift, as we have done on intentionally or accidentally on countless occasions towards others. It is a scary responsibility to accept the offering of our love to the soul within. It asks a receipt of vulnerability.
Once the gift is accepted the magic of our reality changes. Untold paths of a possible future are revealed. Look not behind to a fearful past, but ahead with an open offering in hand of love.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Nitin… this perfectly coincides with my endeavours!

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