I cannot heal what I am not vulnerable to, as I have no need to. It is only when I am vulnerable do I give myself the chance to heal.
I cannot heal what I am not willing to see or what I do not see. It is only when I can see the parts of me that need healing do I give myself the chance to heal.
I cannot heal what I do not accept or acknowledge as incomplete. It is only when I accept or acknowledge that which is incomplete, do I give my self the chance to heal.
Healing is not a magic wand that instantly takes all my problems away so I can live a life devoid of challenges. Healing is a process of vulnerability, observance of this unfolding of myself and the acknowledgment of what I see. Healing paves the way to find my completeness that was never missing just misplaced or forgotten.
Healing is seeing the sum of the whole of me and not just the parts of me. Healing is the understanding of the experiences that make me now, and unravel how they serve me for the future. Healing is not just physical, but emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual.
Healing is the realization that I am not broken and do not need to be fixed.
Healing is connecting to my Divinity within and the universe, and returning back to my original blueprint.
Healing is a gift to be used wisely.
Healing is discovering my Divine Light.
Healing is my path of Ascension.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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