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Find Peace

” I have tried many things and I just can’t find peace.”
” I feel crazy with all what’s going on, I just feel lost”
These are just some of the many statements I hear from people I connect with. The fact that these ideas are even being vocalized is actually a good thing and not a point of despair. It demonstrates an awareness of the self that is not part of the mass consciousness and hence a uniqueness is born. The desire to change is incredibly powerful and is the stepping stone to awareness and transformation. It was for me too.
And so a branch point in the otherwise continued mundane course of life is created. This means that you will not be where you were hoping you will not be in the future. A shift in awareness, causes a shift in the energetics of both time and space. So in actuality you begin on a new journey of awareness to where you actually choose to be. It does not  mean you have reached the desired destination, it just means you will not end up where you once felt most uncomfortable traveling.
We are all on a path that we create.
I can help you if you like.
With Blessings of Love, Light and Wisdom
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. “ONENESS”
    AS said We are all on a path that we create with wonderful life journey with complete mind engine propelling experiences that leaves behind impermanence, suffering.
    Your wonderful wisdom with love will create harmony and peace.
    Accept my appreciations and love.
    Friend of Dr. Bhatnagar
    Gopal-Glastonbury CT

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