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Nature Lessons

A poem about Natures Lessons
I walk carefree through the forest of my life till I accidentally step on to a leaf filled with wisdom
Its teaching struck me like a lightning bolt piercing  through my bones with its lesson of notability
How quick I have been to judge the worldly things with naive eyes and careless words and swaggered gait.
Yet contained within this moment , the realization of the finite path I was on.
The rawness of emotions rolled out in tears just as the darkest of grey clouds shed its water load flooding the earth
Will I be forgiven for the loss of my days I wasted? I asked
I stared at the leaf, numb from the beating.
Yet again the wise leaf spoke, the lesson was not over
“It is not what  you have lost but gained that will carry you in your upcoming years”
With the tenderness of a pin drop my heart was reignited with clarity of soul and spirit
“Nothing is ever lost only transformed Cyclically and ad infinitum “
With cosmic gratitude I humbly walked away with a knowing having glimpsed at a microcosm of nature’s splendrous blueprint
With blessing of Love, Light and Wisdom
 I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Yes indeed. Thank you for making me aware of this

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