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a new year

A new year….   Winter is here.    Nature gets ready to nestle into her cold bed as the blanket of snow packs down hard. All creatures know it is time to rest and hibernate. It is the last phase of an endless cycle of the 4 seasons. The surface is cold and unforgiving as […]
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In the air

In the air I love living in New england. Every season has something inspiring to offer. Every season sheds something into the air. In Spring it is the life giving pollen in infinite shapes and sizes and types. Throughout the lands the air is filled with pollen from all plants, bushes, trees, grasses, big or […]
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HAPPY thanksgiving

Thanks Giving Day A memorable day of thanks given for a historic day of kindness and extraordinary unity as a people of one nation welcomed the troubled citizens of another, with an act of peace. Helping a fellow being in unconditional service is as close to touching the divinity within, worth celebrating with
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Senses deprived

Senses Deprived I had the opportunity recently to go into a sensory deprivation tank. What an experience ! It is essentially a large tank filled with salt water so that one may be buoyant.  I immersed myself into the tank. Lights off, no noise and off I went into a world like none other. In […]
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