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In the air

In the air

I love living in New england. Every season has something inspiring to offer. Every season sheds something into the air.
In Spring it is the life giving pollen in infinite shapes and sizes and types. Throughout the lands the air is filled with pollen from all plants, bushes, trees, grasses, big or small as they spread themselves out to copy themselves.
In summer the rains fill the  skies to the earth with the nourishing water of our cells. Puddles form to hop in are abundant, and dry up quickly  in the morning days sun.
In Fall time brings the tremendous awe inspiring diversity of multicolored autumn leaves that cover every dimension of surface to reveal a magnificent painting that moves and transforms the land with magic. The air is abound with falling, flying, floating wonders of color
In winter time, every inch of the land is covered with soft white snow. Mattressed, layered and blanketing snow fills the ground and the air is saturated with snow fall.
Yet what about all the other times ?  what fills the air? Love. It is the nature from within the heart space that is unfiltered and is ever present and around us. When it is manifest as “thought”  it is the same love filtered through the wandering untamed mind. Inhaled, exhaled, and flowing it is within us. We manifest our “love” as we start to move towards embodying this energy into thoughts, words, actions and so the reality of love is created.
It is a choice to create. It is a choice to breathe it in, and then a choice to breathe it out. Magic is in the air. It always has been . It is the same magic of the pollen flying , the rains falling , the autumn leaves floating, the snow drifting in the air. It is the same magic that is manifest into energy and action by sheer force of will by the universe,  as it co created them all from a place of love. This is the same universe that created You. And yes right again, from a space of love and a pin point of intention of creating something so unbelievably amazing and unique that it could have only been made as perfection. From perfection, manifest into perfection, for a perfect purpose. You.
You are in the air. You always have been. Grounded into the physical for thought, word, action. A lovely purpose.  You have been created from love, into love, for love. Ever present. Connected.
You are love.


Author: Brown Knight

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