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The stranger within

The stranger within

I am so quick to judge another and erupt when another speaks that at times I fail to identify the “I am” presence within. The lack of respect as it were for another begins with the lack of respect for oneself.
Imagine if a little stranger comes to your front door. Outside it is raining and cold. Shivering and  afraid he or she asks of you in a gentle and quiet voice ” Will you let me in?”  You or I would without reservation leap at the opportunity to help and welcome them in with open arms and embrace them with a  warm cosy blanket, a hot beverage and a scrumptiously satisfying meal and place of comfortable seating. Now imagine for an instant that the stranger is your love.  Not a person, but the very essence of love that is you, embodied in human form and adorned with the personna of “you.”
We  live in a chaotic world of impulses. Bombarded every second by electronic darts or diverse stimuli that we leave precious time for ourselves or to love our selves. Too busy searching for love, or superficially giving love away or better yet, expecting love from everyone, when the one love we seek remains at our front door, knocking, knocking and knocking awaiting an answer. We are too afraid to open up ourselves to the point of no return that we choose not to open up. We never truly embrace that love of us. We never offer that seat of love in the comfortable place within our heart. That hot meal or beverage is never consumed as we never choose to meet the oneness of ourselves with the oneness of the universal love. Too many conditions are placed upon Love. Too many ego and mind driven ideas of the shape and form in which Love is to present itself before us are created and yet we miss the very nature and shape of it when Love does reveal itself to us in all its glory.
We are afraid, so Love shows up in the same way, scared. We are cold to others, so Love shows up in the same way, shivering. We are starved for Love, and so it shows up in the same way, hungry. Yet offered and accepted as it is with out condition, judgement or preconceived,  Love is metabolized to a higher frequency in its true form. You.
The Love you seek in another is the love you seek of yourself in another. Finding that love of yourself is the first step to a more peaceful future. Looking  into your own reflection in the mirror through your weary, world trodden eyes, you may find something cosmically remarkable. Peeping back, a discovery like none other awaits. For in the curiosity of your heart, a long lost stranger of the ” I am ” presence now becomes a friend. Lost and found, this Love that is You is waiting to be discovered in others. And so the dance begins as we reflect our own Love in another and observe ourselves in another.
I will never be quick to judge when that stranger shadows my doorway, as it may just be the Love of You that is the Love of Me that I greet with open arms.


Author: Brown Knight

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