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The Election. It is over

The Election, it is over. 

With bated breath we have been waiting for a President. The last 16 months of churning of the news with raw feelings as the drama of the candidates unfolded into hypocrisy, mud slinging, lies and deceits and skeletons leaping out of closets on to the dance floor. Nothing was sacred. Financial  markets plunged and resurrected themselves. Friends and enemies created as people created camps of “one side or the other” without middle ground. This was not a test of the quality of the candidates, this was a test of our selves. Some passed the test with patience, understanding and lack of de-evolving into sub human behaviors. Others did  not pass the test. Many broke family and friend relationships over these elections. New shadows hidden were awakened as once people who thought themselves as peace loving, simply frayed. Becoming racist, feminist, anti religious, hateful, angry to name but a few, are not traits that come about overnight. They are nurtured sensations from seeds long ago.
The shadow aspect of many were known. We waited for a President. A leader to navigate the tumultuous seas of economies, world affairs, domestic hostilities and an infinite number of issues that will arise. A leader that is always in the making, and never just standing there ready. A President takes time to make and honor and followed. Some will say ” my candidate this or my candidate that….”  Indulge me the opportunity to remind you that “your candidate” does not have the foggiest idea that you even exist nor what your personal problems are  all about and especially  how those problems effect you.  A political candidate only knows themselves as is for themselves. Altruism in politics is still awaited. Been waiting since the first government. It is being human with power. Not necessarily a “powerful human” as that is where the ego changes the whole story.
This saga that has  unfolded is about none other than You. What lies ahead is about you, me and us. What lies ahead is about choices. Not forced choices, but choices we have to make for ourselves to forge our own evolution and future.
Whether this President can make the change that is needed is uncertain. As was the case of their opposite running counterpart. Hindsight is always 20/20. So the dust settles, and our social media rants and memes die down to once again return to the normalcy of our days, and our social media selfies, exchanging recipes, ideas and all the precious things that we hold dear to glue our hours of work, family and personal times together.
 I have heard that we will see what history has to say about our future with this President. I wholeheartedly disagree. History is not about one man or woman. History is the record of what we have all done together as a species, as a civilization, as a planet, as One. No singular individual has the ability to change the future for any one individual. We all have the ability to do the same for our selves and in doing so change the future of our world. No matter who you take in history that has done great or terrible things to their fellow man, whether bringing joy or war, life or death to others, it is only because they changed themselves in such a way that they could have the necessary intention and therefore the impact to change the world. Which means you have the same abilities.
It is about the pure intention from the space of your choice within you that will co create the reality that you and I seek. Change is coming. Believe it or not is entirely immaterial. Total change is coming. Presidents come and go. Your candidate will come and go, yet you are still there in the trenches of life. Don’t wait to make a difference. The difference we all need is You. And it is now. Your problems, my mundaneness, our  past, your fears, our collective consciousness is on the brink of something so spectacular the likes of which can only be experienced. Gateways are open, and ready for you to run through without fear. Dropping our “mental garbage” is the first step. Seeing no boundaries within yourself is the next. Embracing your destiny in front of you is the next step. And that folks is how WE create history.
The next 4 years is  not going to be an “OMG” doomsday scenario. It is a waking up period. The alarm clock is ringing…. Can you hear it?


Author: Brown Knight

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