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A black hole…

A black Hole

The black hole has been a mystery for eons for as long as we have looked up at the dark night sky and wondered beyond the stars. We are more accustomed to recognize it as a gapping powerful center of our galaxy from which nothing escapes. A swirling mass of darkness illuminated only by the borders of destroyed light and the edges of fragmented time. Our imagination is abound with illusions of fear and dread as the end all of what we call life. I see it differently. 
Transplant that image of the black hole into the deepest recesses of your heart. It is not a hole to be feared yet one that is to be used and revered daily. Churning and churning of all the wounds of our day. Tirelessly it absorbs  all of our unresolved hurts,  magnified disappointments and untold frustrations.    Destroying, dissolving, and disillusioning. The obscure laws of physics still apply as “what is created must be destroyed”.. however additionally  only to be recreated once again. 
Yet this time with choice. The infinite possibilities will emerge from this black hole. The universally expanded and vast version of You in all its magnificence is waiting to take center stage on a grand scale. 
Do you choose to believe?
Do you choose to see yourSelf in the  best possible light with Love?
How you choose to re create yourSelf is entirely up to you. That is the beauty of the black hole of your heart. It aides in ripping  away all that is negatively manifest and leaves behind the spectacularly expansive form of You, your Love, Your Soul. Cosmically free to experience, enjoy and entertain all the amazing oneness of You is now transmuted. 
Your choice. 
No one or No thing can annihilate You.
 I see the brightness of your black hole everyday in You.


Author: Brown Knight

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