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Miracles do happen

Miracles do happen We wait for the holy season of Christmas, Hanukah or any number of religious holy holidays to look for miracles to happen. Movies about the same that occur on christmas time are abound, all instilling a warm feeling of magic in the air and the possibilities that anything can happen. Yet what
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Being on hold

Being on hold Ring, Ring Ring ” Hello please stay on the line for the next available operator” And so the wait begins…. How much time do we spend day to day on the phone and on hold waiting for our party to be reached. How much time do we spend day to day waiting […]
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Think, love, play

Think,love &play If you have not seen the movie with Julia Roberts titled Eat Love and Pray, it is a must see for any adult in a fog, wishing to lose themselves and find themselves once again. It is one of those”  feel good “movies and continues to inspire many to come out of their […]
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