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Think, love, play

Think,love &play

If you have not seen the movie with Julia Roberts titled Eat Love and Pray, it is a must see for any adult in a fog, wishing to lose themselves and find themselves once again. It is one of those”  feel good “movies and continues to inspire many to come out of their shell-like lives. I thought about this and then observing my little son I see how he behaves, interacts and maintains his “awe for everything” like nature. A very simple and instinctive way of living yet very peaceful and serene and natural. I wonder at times why does he not need to leave everything to go find himself or is he finding himself daily, and if so how does he do it, and more over to what end.
He thinks about what he is doing, even though at times almost instinctive and primal however he spends his time creating imaginary plots of construction or elaborate story ideas of adventures and immerses himself wholeheartedly into them ( I usually get dragged in). He is in the moment and with that same tidal force expands his childlike creativity. So what happens when we become adults. Are we so focussed on thinking that we fail to do? Spending oceans of time thinking, rethinking and unthinking makes us tired, complacent and then not creative enough. Our instinctive  natures are curbed and our creativity curtailed prematurely. Perhaps more time should be spend being in the  moment and just doing, and letting things flow at home and at the workplace, making us more productive, momentarily conscientious.
He loves everything and anything. He hugs a tree, another child, his teachers, family and friends without care. With full and unconditional love he explores his world and learns a great deal. More than open eyes, we need to open up our hearts and welcome in the love that is all around us in the form of the same matter that we are all made up of, and in doing so automatically reflect it outwards. With the free flow of this unstoppable positive energy it is not possible to hurt another, commit crimes or harm ourselves. Engulfed in a sea of this compassion, we can ride the waves of forgiveness and reach our goals.
He plays with everything. I cannot keep him out of his exploration of pots, pans, my tools, the car gadgets, my office supplies, even my ties are a great source of fun as he unfolds each one and lays them on the floor creating an imaginary colorful flying carpet. Again through play, a child will tell us their fears and their dreams, if of course  we dare to listen. It is their ability to make everything fun. Every child is teaching an adult, be it a caregiver, parent, teacher, or grandparent, of how to live. Through play all things are fun and attainable. If you do the hardest task at home or at work yet do it in a game-like fashion you cause the mind to have fun completing the task and in doing so complete it in a more productive timeline.
Are we thinking too much, loving not enough and forgetting to play? All children grow up and become adults, like us. Yet if we do not knock out these key senses they currently possess, I wonder how much better and more advanced they will be in comparison. Moreover I wonder if we learn from their senses, I wonder how much more fun we can have as adults right here and now. Eat, love and pray or think, love and play, or live, laugh and love. There seems to be a common theme and word. Can you guess which one?

 Have these  3 little words changed your life?


Author: Brown Knight

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