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Arguing with oneSelf

Arguing with oneSelf

Not a day goes by when I do  not find myself in some of sort of dispute or disagreement. Not with anyone else necessarily except with my Self. The arguments used to be more frequent but we are coming to a better understanding. Before we go any further allow me to elaborate  who the players are in this conversation. The ego and the Self. Both are equally important debaters in your life and as they come to agreements Your higher purpose gets fulfilled. The  ego is what assists in advancing your physical life, and the Self assists you in bringing your spiritual purpose via your ego into reality.
The ego argues from the perspective of that  it is right and only its opinion is correct. It is always in a mode of relative survival . Threatened with a different perspective it becomes defensive and then leans towards the offensive. The ego can come up with all sorts of justifications depending on the situation that arises. Usually it is the prominent debater as that is what we see when we  are in conversation with mostly everyone. So essentially we basically have egos clashing and having conversations with each other all around the world, making decisions about the world, ourselves and the perceived progress. All wars originate from people who are in a position of  power whose  egos are constantly clashing. Peace usually reigns when another entity is talking, the spirit. The ego unfortunately can be very persuasive and sometimes very persistent if the debate is left unchecked.
When you are more aware of yourSelf and give it a voice, you hear the wisdom of the Divine, as your Self. It is a very non judgmental and timeless opinion that is rendered. It will not engage in the argument yet instead hold its presence with the ego without participating in the egos differing impulsive attitude. It keeps reminding you of your purpose, yet the ego talks too loudly for you to hear what both sides are saying especially the ego who definitely does not want to hear anything that anyone let alone the Self  is trying to bring forth. The Self knows its purpose for this lifetime and mixed in with relative free will (yet another discussion all together) cooperates with the ego to enable you to live your life.
Who is doing the talking and who has the ” debate floor” at any time is the key to understanding what and when anything  comes out of your mouth, or if any action  is to be undertaken. For the ego it is about winning the argument and furthering its agenda. For the soul or spirit or the Self it is about furthering only one agenda, that of the Divine purpose. The balance of the debate is what determines the outcome of your decision going forward. However maintaining the balance requires that each side has an appropriate say and time to make its arguments known without interruption ( usually by the ego). The gatekeeper or the Speaker of the House is the mind. If the mind is calm and serene then both voices can be allowed to present their cases with grace. If the mind is restless then neither side is allowed to speak and the debate turns into a downward spiral leading to a non purposeful life. The consciousness is your state of awareness of your debaters and the conversations that henceforth ensue. When you are unhappy then you know that the arguments are going  off kilter and when you are happy then you know that there is a better balance between the debaters. Pay attention to how you feel  as you raise your consciousness level.What a wondrous process this can be as your life unfolds and all the experiences are identified when your balance of your “governing bodies” is maintained.
Do you hear that?  Who is speaking now? What are they saying?


Author: Brown Knight

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