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Miracles do happen

Miracles do happen

We wait for the holy season of Christmas, Hanukah or any number of religious holy holidays to look for miracles to happen. Movies about the same that occur on christmas time are abound, all instilling a warm feeling of magic in the air and the possibilities that anything can happen. Yet what if we do not have to wait for the holidays for that to happen. I would respectfully submit that miracles are happening constantly all around us, yet are we open enough to recognize them, accept and acknowledge them is the real issue.
Miracles occur all the time in numerous forms. A few examples can be demonstrated. What about the miracle of a child being born healthy without any deformities or ailments. If you study human  embryology and see the literally infinite processes that have to occur in order to produce a single healthy human being, and the number of named illnesses that are realized due to failed processes, it is a wonder that we even have a human race. The miracle of a family eating a meal together. The increasing number of fractured families, or even families that have parents working multiple jobs and shifts and unable to be together on a nightly basis to share a meal is quite staggering and humbling. The miracle of drinking clean water, consuming a healthy meal, wearing decent clothes, owning a vehicle to drive are all other day to day examples of what many take for granted and others will proclaim a miracle.
Miracles might be getting a chance to talk to a friend you have not met in years, who out of the blue gives you a call. Being  able to freely practice your religion without the fear of persecution or reprisal may be yet another example. If we live our lives with this expectant behavior that a beautiful miracle will unfold every day and that we will be present enough to see it, perhaps then we will. If we live every moment as if it were our last, then every moment will last. Wishing for a miracle unfortunately is a naive way to live, akin to sitting on the  couch and changing the channel with a remote. Participation is a key ingredient, coupled with a dose of faith, a cup of expectation and a spoonful of presence of mind. So do not wait for miracles to happen.You have to become the miracle you choose to see in your life. Becoming a kinder, gentler and more compassionate person takes practice and patience. In today’s world it is a tall order but more miraculous things have happened such as you recognizing changes in your self that need to happen, or the shift of energies that are happening, or the connected and loving person that you already have become.
Are you performing miracles? Perhaps you are a saint in disguise.


Author: Brown Knight

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