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Vision 20/20

  We keep running through our lives making choices, decisions, and sometimes if we look back, we see that perhaps that decision was the right or wrong one. We judge the past and blow through the present as we try to chance it into the future. They say “hindsight is 20/20”. Looking back at the […]
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Where is my Umbrella?

  There is one household item that seems to always be in shortage and in abundance. The umbrella. It comes in almost infinite types, sizes, colors, patterns, styles and in some cases unique shapes. In any case I always seem to be losing mine, but yet it always shows up in the most unusual places, […]
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Going for the SuperBowl

  The Superbowl 2013 was here. A team won, victory was declared. Onto another year for all the teams in the league to start practising again, and getting ready for the next event. I find the whole football game quite fascinating. You practice, practice, practice. Then with great strategies to defeat the
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It’s past 10 o’clock

  It is past┬áten o’clock. ┬áCant sleep. Tossing and turning, Thoughts of the day constantly racing through the mind. Tired yet unable to welcome any restorative sleep. Looking up at the ceiling and looking at the shadows.The answer is not like in the advertisements in buying a Sleep number bed, or a
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