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Vision 20/20


We keep running through our lives making choices, decisions, and sometimes if we look back, we see that perhaps that decision was the right or wrong one. We judge the past and blow through the present as we try to chance it into the future. They say “hindsight is 20/20”. Looking back at the past we can easily reevaluate all the decisions and pass approval or disapproval over them. But unfortunately rarely do we learn from the past and change the future with a vision. Sometimes we hope and pray that we can divine of what to do in the future? Wish that someone  would tell us just what to do, so we do not make the same mistakes. I would submit that each “mistake” helps us to change our vision, our future automatically. We need to make our vision  of the future 20/20.
I believe we all have that vision inside us, waiting to come out. We know exactly what we need, want and know but how do we get that vision out? Simply, by letting go of the past, and staying in the present. Easier said or read than done. But lets think about this. By allowing yourself to stay in the present, we awaken more than the moment, but ourselves in the moment. We become focussed allowing our Self to coming in tune with a vibrational harmony that sets into motion a future.  Do you remember how irritating it is when your glasses are foggy and dirty with smudges and dust? Just like when you  clean your spectacles or sunglasses with a clean cloth and then can see clearer afterwards and are in some small degree happier,  you can do the same thing by cleaning up your vision by cleaning up and letting go of all the burdens of the past that weigh you down in the present holding you back from a brighter vision of the future. Worries, stresses, regrets, failures and doubts all fall into this bag of burden.
Gaining your vision is akin to watching a lotus flower open. It may take long time to see it open fully, with great satisfaction, but in the end the vision may very well be the flower itself and the watching being the journey. I am inferring that perhaps the journey you take and the longing you seek for ” a vision” may very well be the vision itself and you are living it right here and now. You recognize it only by being in the moment.  By slowing down and letting go and vibrating to a slower frequency, you clean up your thoughts, feelings, and knowing. Then your vision takes shape from thoughts, then into spoken word and then in action leading to a better experience of life.
Here is a little exercise, close your eyes and envision the following:  
You are in a boat in the middle of a large river. You are stagnant, non moving. You look around and see that there are hooks all around the edges of the boat, and attached to the hooks are long ropes that are holding onto anchors. These are all around you, at all hands of the clock if you will. Now imagine you systematically cutting these ropes starting at 4 and 8 o’clock, then 5 and 7 o’clock. The further you head towards the 6 o’clock the harder it gets but you can do it. The ropes are all various burdens of the past that have been holding you back, they may be your disappointments, your regrets, your troubles and failures. 6 o’clock is your fear generated from your cumulative past. Can you feel your boat rocking and moving now? Now start cutting the ropes at 1, 2, and  10 ,11 o’clock positions. These are all your hopes, wishes and wants. No need for these if you just launch into the future and make them happen versus keeping them in them in the imaginary state of wanting field.  But if you notice the boats rocking but still not moving forward. You have yet to sever the 3 and 9 o’clock ropes. These are keeping you from moving. These are your doubts. Cut them yet?  Now your boat launches forward on the river of life at the 12 o’clock position in to the future, with thrust and pull into a vision that has no bounds. Not bonded you are free. 
Now open your eyes and watch your boat cruise with great speed with the clear vision that you always knew you had.


Author: Brown Knight

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