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Going for the SuperBowl


The Superbowl 2013 was here. A team won, victory was declared. Onto another year for all the teams in the league to start practising again, and getting ready for the next event. I find the whole football game quite fascinating. You practice, practice, practice. Then with great strategies to defeat the opponent teams you start the systematic playoffs, till you reach semi finals and then the finals. As I understand the game the object is to get a touchdown with the most number of points, but to get from one end to the other you have to defeat the opponents largely built players as they try to wrestle you to the ground in a tackle. Is this not much like life itself?


The victory is the purpose why we choose to play the game of life representing final glory, the touch down goal represents the joy of satisfaction of the journey, the ball may represent our inner peace that we hold onto tightly. Sometimes it is unfortunately in the hands of someone else ( the opposing team) and sometimes in the hands of a trusted team player. When in the game we take the ball from yard to yard, advancing it a little at a time, but in some instances, with the right strategy advance it from one end to the other in one amazing swoop. When stuck, kicking it helps, to get it jump started, and your peace can achieve tremendous lift and ground all the way to the end field goal. The opposing team players are lifes obstacles that hinder the progress of your peace, but nothing is insurmountable. The purpose of the obstacles ( players) is to take you down in a tackle but also give you the opportunity to dodge them or get stronger. You pick yourself up out of the pile and retake your peace ball and start again, but always you start from where you left off. The field is the entire span of life. You have struggles from the beginning till the end. Your huddles are your strategy sessions when you stop and rethink your plan of action of how to face the “enemy” or lifes hurdles. Despite the best play and doing everything right you may still be defeated, but even this is temporary, This is not failure, this is life.
Your teachers and parents are your coaches, your team players are your friends and family who are always with you in this game. Your body armor and outfit with helmet is your body. The bright lights are the illumination on your field to lead you to victory, and the fans are just that, spectators in life, some like you, some hate you, some do not care, but they are just other people like yourself judging but really have no impact on you. The cheerleaders, well I leave that up to your discretion. Perhaps they are the part of you that needs cheering up or the part of you that needs that last “hurray” to get you to the end.
Have you ever been to a stadium when it is empty? The silence is deafening. It is a life waiting to be filled with spectators, teams, coaches, their entourages. The pomp, the fanfare, the vendors, the smells and the sounds  are all part of the joy of the event. The field is awaiting the game to be played, else it serves no purpose. You have to play the game to experience it,otherwise what is the point. You can watch it on TV, but life is not about re-runs and playbacks, and only those who have been in the game, winning or losing know the true nature of victory or defeat. You have to live your life and play YOUR game to experience it, no one can do that for you.
Holding on to your peace is important, keep it close and never lose sight of it. This is one ball you do not want to drop or give away to anyone. Kick it high and straight towards your field goal and make it count. Send your peace soaring. Do not despair if you fall short, because in the end you will make it to the goal, even it means getting piled on at many yard intervals in the process, because that is what life is all about, picking yourself up and moving on with your peace.
Can you feel yourself holding the victory cup at your super bowl?


Author: Brown Knight

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