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Where is my Umbrella?


There is one household item that seems to always be in shortage and in abundance. The umbrella. It comes in almost infinite types, sizes, colors, patterns, styles and in some cases unique shapes. In any case I always seem to be losing mine, but yet it always shows up in the most unusual places, when I least expect it. I am organized and I think I routinely put it back in the same spot once used, but it is never there, and then refound at the office, or in the car or in a friends place. Sometimes I end up with several umbrellas ! Is it the same umbrella or are there just a few around in the world that we keep picking up some one elses umbrella and so recycle the same few everywhere. 


This umbrella is just an example of other facets of our lives that we keep losing and refinding. I am referring to the emotions of happiness, satisfaction, and kindness. We like to “pigeon box” these emotions like the umbrella in one place but when you want it, it may not be there, but when you need it, it will come back to you in some shape, size, or form from somewhere you least expect it, and perhaps from someone you least expect it. But as I am discovering, my umbrella like these emotions are for all to share. You cannot hold on to things, people or situations when you cannot even hold on to your emotions ! If you free them from your ego bondage of ” must haves” then you will be light hearted enough to receive them when you need them at the right time and place.
Usually an umbrella will do its job and keep you relatively dry. Windy and gusty weather, can unfold your umbrella and twist it to the point of no use, but why should these outside influences worry you. Why let it twist and unfold you. Your strength, conviction, and resolve should sustain you till you find or purchase another umbrella. In other words, despite the apparent turmoil of the world or the turmoil of your mind and soul ( ergo the harsh weather), if you keep yourself in the moment and not react especially to the loss of the emotions of happiness and be dissatisfied, your umbrella ( your joy) will return to you. Bad weather never lasts. If you are at peace from within then you never really lose your umbrella, and the stronger and more at peace you are, the less likely your strengthened umbrella will succumb to the weather or the outside chaos.
Trying to hold on to the umbrella tightly will also not help you. Not even in the face of a torrential storm. But knowing that the umbrella will fulfill its purpose and keep you as dry as possible, you will be less inclined to discard it at the first sign of trouble. The rest is up to you, so perhaps you need to get out of the wake of the storm ! The umbrella can only do so much, as can your emotions, that is when you need to be a little more proactive and know what to avoid and when to venture out. By no means am I encouraging you to be a shut in and never go out so as to not even experience the weather  ( rainy or otherwise), because then if you never get the divine opportunity to use your umbrella you will never really experience the joy of happiness, kindness or satisfaction.
I do not think that there are only a few umbrellas in the world that are recycled, but I do believe that there is an abundance of happiness, kindness, satisfaction in the world and the universe, pervading us all and flowing through everyone. So go today and get yourself a very colorful, nicely shaped umbrella, that will cheer you up, and do not worry if you misplace it or lose it, because if everyone does the same and has a colorful umbrella what difference does it make. Then one day you may get an umbrella back from the universe that looks just like yours, full of happiness, kindness and satisfaction.
So bundle up and reach out for your umbrella and take a walk out on a rainy day and enjoy the moment. Now if you want to go singing in the rain ( like the 1952 movie with Gene Kelly) go for it 🙂


Author: Brown Knight

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