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It’s past 10 o’clock


It is past ten o’clock.
 Cant sleep. Tossing and turning, Thoughts of the day constantly racing through the mind. Tired yet unable to welcome any restorative sleep. Looking up at the ceiling and looking at the shadows.The answer is not like in the advertisements in buying a Sleep number bed, or a Tempur Pedic Bed. The change of the bed will not improve your sleep. Been there done that !!
Sometimes it is hard to connect to our subconscious and allow the body and mind to relax and rest so that the soul is free to explore and choose. The soul, the subconscious or the spirit never sleeps, it does not need to. It is always awake and trying to guide us, talk to us, but the mind gets in the way, and then rules the thoughts, feelings, and keeps the engine of the  body to be in a constant state of idle function, sometimes in acceleration mode all the time. We keep processing and processing all the events of the day, what people have said or not said, done or not done, the lives of our family members and friends, activities planned for the following day, days  or week. This then usually leads to either a visit with your doctor who may give you sleeping medications or you could always try home remedies like a warm glass of milk. You could even try walking around the house, reading a book or playing soft music, or listening  to white noise or the sound of the surf. In any case these solutions rarely bring true restorative sleep, temporary fixes for a deeper problem.
The solution is simpler than you think, and it does not require counting sheep, Meditation. Following each breath in and out, and with each breath out let go. Let go of the stresses, let go of your fears, let go of your burdens you have been carrying around. You are not going to solve all the worlds problems this night so avoid trying to do so. Let go of it. Let go of your anger, hate, and troubles with each breath out. With each breath in take in the solace that goodness is coming your way. Take in the gratitude of being able to breath free clean air and the thankfulness for your life as it is. Take in the understanding of the knowledge of peace. Take in the moment. Live in it, Be the moment, and then feel the warmth of sleep over power you. Let it sink into every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone. Then into every cell. Like a wave let it flood your mind, body,heart and spirit allowing your healing to begin. The soul gets freed from the conscious bondage and connects with the universe, the past, present and the future, connecting with the divine.
Letting go is important in the conscious and unconscious states alike. If we let go when we  are awake, then it is easier to fall asleep and then let go automatically in the unconscious. Sleep is necessary, we cannot live on 2 hours of sleep a night. At least cannot keep it up for long. The mattress, the blanket, the pillow are all just there. It is the mind that needs to sleep and not be in a state of reaction, but your soul needs to awaken to creation. The universe is talking to you through your feelings, but you need to listen. Your feelings need to be heard through your thoughts, and your thoughts need to be be clear. This can be achieved through your sleep or peaceful tranquil meditation.
You rarely will remember your dreams, but in the dream state your soul lightens and is free to travel anywhere, everywhere and to any time and meet anyone. Hence in life when we are running around spending our time reacting to everything with little time  creating, when we come across someone, or something or somewhere, it may feel like deja vu. It is your soul reminding you of an experience you already have had with someone, somewhere at sometime. Spend sometime with yourself and ask youself if this is all true, your answer will be surprisingly a positive one.
Heal yourself from within, Nite nite !!


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