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Gong goes the meditation bell

GONG !! goes the meditation bell

So  I have this meditation bell programmed into my phone that goes off every 15 minutes through out the day. It just helps me readjust to my center and connect with my Source and universe for a split second. I am invariably taken by surprise which tells me two things. Firstly how lost in my world of materially manifested craziness I really was to the point that I did not even realize that time had passed between “gongs.” Secondly, how important it is to be centered and how easy it is to fall  in and out of my connections. Yet what was really wild was the response that others around me had to the ringtone and the vibration of the melodious soothing and spiritually recharging sound.
 Here are a few examples of the responses.  One person thought it reminded him of the bell in boxing. ROUND 1 , ROUND 2 YOU ARE UP…. It was not surprising to learn that in a prior occupation growing up he was a pro boxer. His mind had been conditioned to this kind of response. Every time the gong of the bell went off he became hyper vigil and alert and ready. Heart rate probably went up, pupils dilated and he was ready for action. Another person kept thinking it was time for lunch. Perhaps being conditioned to the school bell at lunch time from her old school days. Yet another would be irritated at the sound. Probably thinking ” this crazy guy and his noisy  bell” Regardless of the response no one really joined in to connect with me to their source or to the universe.  Everyone is conditioned to vibrate at the frequency of their choice at that particular state of mindset. We all vibrate at different frequencies of sound as we oscillate up and down different energy levels. If we are made of energy, then it is a rational idea that we will be effected by different energies, kind of like ripples in a pond. Energies transfer from one person to another and throughout the universe at all levels and through all living things. 
Feelings are also energy manifestations that are transmitted. Feelings are action and reaction. What to one person is one feeling may be entirely different to another’s feelings even with the same stimulus, especially if that is the gong of a bell trying to help you center. Some may find it peaceful and engage in meditative practice and others might veer away from it as it throws off their “version of being centered”. If I walk into a room and during the course of time I am engaging with peoples’ conversations that are becoming excessively heated or argumentative and negative, I have felt an overpowering need to leave the room. After much deliberation I have come to realize that when I am engaged in talking negatively or hearing negative discussions I must walk away. Perhaps you have felt it too. It is the permeation of negative energy that does it. And if you are not of the same make up of that energy or it overwhelms you then you are repelled by it.  So following through with this idea, it only goes to show that if feelings of negativity can have a dramatic impact on someone what if I change my own frequency to a different more positive intense one.  I have “felt” this in the presence of others who are exceedingly calm. I am sure you have felt it too when you walk into an old chapel or cathedral where the aura of 1000s of positive souls have passed. I immediately feel more relaxed and in touch with something more that just the spirit of mySelf. 
I now will try to be more compassionate, understanding and loving. I intend to transmit this energy like a light bulb in all directions. My own experiment is underway in sending out as much of higher intensity energetic frequency I can muster. I am my own GONG ! Some may like this frequency, some may not. Energy transfer is absolute, and at this point in our lives a necessity if dealing with positive energy. 
Have you centered to the sound of your own spiritual gong? 


Author: Brown Knight

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