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Darn that Autocorrect !!

I was sending a text the other day to a friend. I typed it exactly how I thought it was supposed to be phrased and hit send. Moments later I get a reply back with a somewhat angry tone. Surprised yet taken back I responded back in kind with a little harshness. My reply was met with more retaliation.  Needless to say that this escalated till finally I paused and looked back to see what had I written originally that was so wrong or misconstrued since my intention was never other than polite. I discovered to my horror that the text that I had written had been automatically  changed to something quite out of the ordinary. This is what had originally fueled all the miscommunication. I quickly informed my friend that it was the “autocorrect” that had actually changed everything around and not to take offense. We calmed down, took a break from texting and then laughed it all off in subsequent texts. I have since turned off that “Autocorrect” feature of my phone. I am sure this feature has revealed funny “corrections”, rude misnomers, or even blatant incoherent sentences. Originally designed to help speed up communication,  it hinders most of the time, not unlike my everpresent ego.
My intentions are usually clear and robustly ready to be delivered to another, yet  when my ego seems to be the filter, it autocorrects the intention to something that eventually is so distorted, that the intention behind it is lost. Giving a gift to someone just for an example. My intention is selfless, pure and the act of giving is clear. My ego autocorrects it to : Well he never gave me anything, or she won’t even appreciate it so why bother, or this gift is too good for them and they don’t deserve it…. And on and on. End result: forget giving any gift to anyone. Yet another example, I choose to eat a piece of delicious cake. Clear, precise, intent to enjoy is stated. The ever present autocorrect “ego” steps in with : the cake will make you overweight don’t eat it, or it’s probably not that tasty so don’t bother, or you don’t deserve anything good so you shouldn’t eat it. End result : My wanting to try something nice is left with the negative encounter of never even having been experienced it !!
My autocorrect is driven by numerous programs. Fear, biases, borrowed mindsets,  prejudices and ignorance are just a few of these programs. It is not until I switch off my ego driven responses that I will actually attain more clear, coherent and appropriately transmitted ideas, thoughts and revolutions towards another individual. How do I help in changing myself or the world  if I dare, if I cannot change the autocorrect feature that stops the flow of my true nature of Self. I meditate when I can. I stay mindful when I can. I have faith when I can. Hopefully enough of these will overwrite the autocorrect program in my genetic makeup to allow me the opportunity to project my true statements and make the changes that I choose to see. A conversation is not unidirectional. Perhaps if others work on their autocorrected egos then perhaps just maybe we ALL have a chance at seeing the world the way we choose to live in, and the world that we are forced to live in with our autocorrect feature in full function. Thoughts generate conversations. Conversations breed ideas. Ideas instigate change. Change enables revolution. Revolution  blooms happiness.  In history some revolutions were not good, true. However were the thoughts behind them all pure, clear, and beneficent, or were they autocorrected with oversized egos that fueled  thoughts of hate, distorted with greed, and were maleficent. 
You must have been an adamant creature….. (Autocorrected)
You must never have the autocorrect feature.. ( what I was trying to say )


Author: Brown Knight

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