Can Peace ever be attained?


The continuous noise of the day hurts my senses. The overload of the processing of my experiences haunts my nights. Day becomes night, and night becomes day. Is there an end to an out of control wheel that spins from moment to moment? Where is the brake pedal that I so long to engage and halt this madness?


It is in the sacred knowing of what lies deep within our cells, albeit deeper still into our very DNA that may answer these seemingly unanswerable doubts. It lies in the utter compassion for ourselves. It is the unconditional love for our Self and that of others that jumpstarts the activations that we need to run forward. Not drudge as if struggling in a pool of quicksand but literally resurrect our own bodies inside out. It is in the summoning of this power within our bones that we rise to occasions far higher than our wildest dreams and succeed.


Love and compassion ignite the very flames from what may have been used up match sticks of our fried circuits of our minds. Peace. That is the end result of what is sought by this endeavor. The slowing down or even stopping the endless saga of the chaotic confusion of our minds. It is in this understanding that we manifest our realities of choice and not the reality that we think is handed to us.


It is with the alchemy of this love that I surrender myself to the prospect of peace. A prospect that I have dug for during eons, on the deserts of birth, death, disease and war. The invitation has always been of peace. My mind never believed it and discarded it as an unattainable hope. My heart has grasped this invitation and refuses to let go, not with the idea of peace being an eventual reality, yet moreover a reality that is already manifest in the here and now. Peace returns from within the bones, catalyzed with compassion from my cells, and ignited yet again from my very DNA with love.


I Love YOU

Author: Brown Knight

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