Remember the Alaskan airlines fiasco?


The flight took off as usual and during mid flight an air emergency occurred. A door blew open and they lost cabin pressure and were forced to land. Nothing can be more scary for air travelers. There were 2 seats that broke and ejected out of the aircraft. Luckily there were no passengers in those seats, in a relatively full flight. There were no fatalities and they made a successful landing.


Now what are the odds that an accident like this can happen, and no one die. Moreover 2 seats lost and NOONE was in them !!


When they found the passengers who were originally destined to take those spots, they were interviewed, and they stated how disappointed they were that they missed their flight, perhaps due to traffic or some sort. Yet their tune obviously changed when they found out to their shock what had happened. They were grateful to be alive.


Each day we start about on our planned course, with all our expectations of what we set out to accomplish. Yet there is a universal hand of intention that is ever present that plays a role in the mix of all our collective moments. We cannot see it, but we can appreciate its effects when it is in our favor. But how often do we get upset when things do not occur in our favor. Eg missing a plane, or being late to work or not getting that promotion. The lists are endless, yet we cannot see the entire picture and do not know the consequences of all actions and circumstances.


Perhaps the relationship that did not work out and the partner who walked out was in fact perfectly aligned in order to finding the better partner. The job that we did not get was there was the path being created to becoming a self sustaining entrepreneur. Surviving the heart attack was the wake up call to become healthier and inspire others to do the same. There are countless examples, where we do not observe the hand of the universe at work.


In my opinion it is wise to not react to situations are us but to simply observe the greater tapestry of the cosmos unfold organically. The puzzle pieces start to fit together and the patterns start to emerge. The consciousness of divine order embraces us in each moment. It is up to us to trust, surrender, and leave the rest up to its graces. This does not mean that we take no action. It means that we live with gratitude with awe and wonder as the marvel of the creator brushes its artistic strokes against the canvas of our lives with faith and love.


You are the greatest creation of the infinite mind of intention. It only wants the best for you.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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