When we choose to teach others, we teach ourselves.




When we choose to help others, we help ourselves.




When we choose to hurt others, we hurt ourselves.




Whatever we be or do to others, we first be or do to ourselves. It is impossible to do something to another without doing it ourselves. It is a part of the physics of our mind and our heart that plays out in harmony if we are aligned. Every action or inaction has an equal and opposite reaction.




When our minds are too busy replying back to our impulsive, reactive or repressive natures, we fail to feel the opposite outgoing force that occurs towards others.




When we teach others we are sharing our own filtered and embodied wisdom. When we help others we offer compassion that emanates from our own heart. When we hurt others, we injure our minds and tear our own hearts and spirit.




Yet when we choose to love others, this energy comes from the state of balance of grace and gratitude. This is the universal field from which when we love ourselves first, then loving others simply flows.




Whatever we intend for others, we intend to ourselves first, whether in thought, word or action. It is through our own experience that the experience originates and then spreads outwards like ripples in a pond.




As a wave has a rise and a fall, it also has a center point. It is here where we can pause and explore the potentiality of all cause and effect before the energy begins its cycle of emanation from us, from our heart space. It is within this rest that we can make a more conscious rather than the unconscious choice of creating thought into manifestation.




Like a spark that crackles out of a flame, it is wise to remember we are also the flame and the spark. Both are experiential love.




I love you



Author: Brown Knight

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