Questions and answers


In moments of fear and doubt I look to the heavens for answers. With hands folded or with suffering faces planted deep into my sweaty anxious palms, the questions are asked. What, where, when, why, who and how. This is how I start the spiraling down of questions ad infinitum. Yet little did I realize that that it is not the questions that will lead me to the answers. Moreover, it is the answers that are already consciously and unconsciously within me that will reveal the correct questions. I was once told by a friend that it is quality of the questions that will help me improve my life. True. So I started asking these questions. It helped to move forward and understand my choices. I finally came to the epiphany that I should work on this exercise backwards and see the result to explain the choices that I HAD made already to see if these were clear enough questions and answers.


We ask questions to solve the puzzle of love for example. Unfortunately we are asking the questions to derive at the answer that is already known within, it simply needs to be teased out to our conscious state. Most of the time the questions we ask are esoteric and valueless and so these questions from a chaotic imbalanced mind will seldom or perhaps never branch out to the correct questions that are needed to empower your life. So in the case of love.


The answer is LOVE. The questions are WHAT to love, WHERE to offer love, WHEN to offer love, WHY to love someone, WHOM to love, HOW to love. Knowing the answer will lead to even more powerful questions that now stem to another answer that is also known. LOVE EVERYONE ( whom), EVERY TIME ( when), EVERYWHERE (where), LOVING someone means you love yourself ( why) and so LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY ( this answers the what and how).


The next time you have a 1000 questions on a topic, meditate upon the answer first with out the questions and then with that answer in your minds eye, ask the right questions as above, and you will derive the choices that you need to make to move forward. Try it out with small things and then work it up to bigger concerns in your life. Questions are the tugs of war in your mind, the answers are the already known solutions within your spirit.


Got a question ? Ask your heart for the answers.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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