Pink Full moon April 2024


We may be so consumed with the upheavals of our lives that we sometimes forget to look up and realize that as we bury our heads into our devices, that the celestial realms still continue with their work.


The rest of the planets, moons, stars all continue with their own journeys completely unaffected by our little drama here on earth.


With that being said the full moon arrives exactly on time.


The Pink moon arrives as spring is unfolding in many parts of the world. Bringing with it the awareness to push forth past old hurts, wounds, guilts and rise up and “spring” forward to the next level of our own internal evolution.


This energetic time of the moon nourishes the inner equilibrium by providing solace to the internal while the external environment seems to go to hell in a hand basket. It is about connecting to our own divine frequency with gratitude


The Moon is not the color pink, but as the name heralds from the moss pink or wild ground phlox, and pink blossom which are bright pink and are one of the earliest widespread flowers of the Spring. Other names for the April Moon are Seed, Wind, Sprouting Grass, Egg and Fish Moon based on observations of nature.


In April the nourishing thunderstorms of the prior month are beginning to subside and the wind picks up. Seeds are being blown and spreading life all around. It is a time to pollinate into reality all of our minds ideas and goals filled with the passion of creativity.


It is easy for us to embrace old habits and fall back into old destructive patterns. Yet now is the time to break that cycle of unease and emerge out of our shells and follow the path of destiny.


We may feel overwhelmed with the emotions of our past that resonate deep. Yet we are invited to bring forth gratitude for everything that lies behind us and prepare to sow the seeds from our winter solace. Allow the universe to hear of our desires, our dreams and goals and plough forth to set them in motion.


Ask and thou shall receive in a cosmos filled with Magic and possibility. Letting go of what no longer serves.


Be kinder, gentler towards oneself is a wise course of action during this time. Pay attention to whats coming up and heed the advice of the inner knowing.


Allow the light to pour in to our hearts and burn away the old programming that lies buried in our nervous system and permit a birthing anew.


To this end I have created a small though powerful invocation to help. ( repeat 3x while being in a quiet space)


” I breathe in deep the light of this moon


I allow myself to step into my higher purpose


I am not the sum of my fears, yet the wisdom of my soul


I bring into alignment my goals, dreams and gifts


I walk on my gentle path to wholeness of my life


I welcome the greatest of awareness for my self and my home


I am complete in my health, understandings and prosperity


I breathe in deep this light of the moon


I exhale gratitude and love for my life”


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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