You are closer to your dreams than you think.




Many of us have dreams and ideas. We all share some sort of fantasy to change the world for the better. Yet few are truly able to change it. The innovations are spectacular and even fewer get rich chasing their goals.




Yet each of us dream. Some try to escape their reality and so imagine a different world. But we are closer to achieving our possibility that we even realize.




Our dreams are just one MINDSET away from our grasp. Shifting the narrative of “I cant” to “I can” begins that journey.




Those ideas are one ACTION step away from becoming manifest. That desired career choice or that relationship we were too scared to explore simply hides behind the veil of saying yes, and with a leap of faith jumping in.




Those goals are just one PLAN away from coming into fruition. A well thought out plan is worth its weight in gold when trying to quieten the distractions from tearing our dreams to smithereens.




The difference between those who succeed in fulfilling their dreams and those that spend their lives dreams is literally a fine line of choice. Those that cross that invisible line are more likely to begin their quest with hard work through discipline, persistence and perseverance. Any great and successful entrepreneur or innovator has spent the enormous time it takes to chisel and polish their dreams despite the challenges, until it was perfect, all while birthing their ideas into the world.




Being stubbornly focussed with the dream and the vision yet be flexible on the details, is a key part of success.




Each of us are closer to our dream job, dream relationship, dream goal, dream health, dream lifestyle, than we care to admit. Drop into your body and get grounded and make that mission a reality.




The world needs your vision. Humanity needs your light. Are you willing to make it happen? Get started. Now.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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