All celestial events have unique properties and so also unique influences upon us. The solar eclipse is one such event.


A solar eclipse occurs at a new moon and the light of the sun is blocked by the moon. The energy of the Solar eclipse obscures our vision forward thereby allowing us the time to reflect on the present and realistically see our past so that we may evaluate our future.


The experiences of our lives be they challenging or victorious, with plot twists all simply reflect our unique expressions in this life, and with the force fields of energy of these celestial events across space time, they interact with the universal field of all things including us and impact our decisions like helping hands in the tides of our consciousness. We are afforded the opportunity to ride the waves to shape our futures.


It is a time to embrace the new. It requires a strong unshakable trust in what lies ahead. It requires us to let go of all the old labels and look at life through a new lens. We are asked to see things as they are no matter how overwhelming it may seem. It is a time to plant seeds in what feels like a momentary dark time and then confidently move ahead in the light.


Planting our feet firmly onto the ground and walking with confidence is key as the eclipse passes, yet entering the eclipse time may be daunting, not just visually but spiritually and emotionally as we confront our fears and make space for them to pass. Trusting the past to guide us, allowing new goals and ideas to take root, and then with faith in our path we are pushed to move forward, as the eclipse does not last, and so the wisdom of the light shines bright again.


Our new chapter begins along the fabric of time and space as a collective where each of us play a key role. It is wise to use the energy around this eclipse to focus on what our heart desires by being mindful of our thoughts and replacing fear with love. Our destiny is in our hands, and it is important to feel this and take action.


Our words, thoughts and subsequent actions have powerful potency as we shift into a higher vibrational frequency. Introspection and inner illumination are the pathways in this cycle. To slow down and then accelerate forward is the summation of this energetic time. Look inward in order to look forward is the magic to unfold in this eclipse.


This pause is the cornerstone in redirecting our course and then ride the wave of the higher energies. Enjoy the journey. Trust the plan.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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