SO yesterday my Garmin smart watch gave me an important message requiring some deeper thought. I was never someone who wore a watch till I started doing triathlons. I was obsessed with recording my performance data for self and coach review during my swims, my runs, my bike rides and even during CrossFit training sessions.


I had done my workout the night before, and while I was up early brushing my teeth, thinking about my upcoming training plan for the morning, the watch buzzed and caught my attention.


“ Recovery Time delayed. A High level of activity today slowed your recovery. You may want to take it easy until you’re fully recharged. “


Hmmm. Well I thought I felt fine, but the watch had completed numerous computations through various algorithms to arrive at this conclusion. Perhaps the universe was telling me something. So I skipped my exercise, stretched instead and lived to play another day.


We can all goto the gym and put in 100% of effort. Train hard. Work hard till we feel like we are going to pass out. We can goto the gym 10 days a week. Yes yes I know. But the answer to true fitness is the addition of ingredients that may make all the difference in the world for our health.


Rest. Sleep. The quality of our recovery period aka the amount of work we do not put in, is just as important as the amount of work we put into the workout.


Diet. A clean nutrition plan is paramount to the fueling of the body as a machine. Klondike bars and jelly donuts are not a sustainable fuel source for most people, who are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


The maintenance of quality relationships in our lives also play an integral role for the balance of the mind and body and heart. Regular toxic communications may hinder our performances as we pursue good health.


Sometimes it is time to listen to the universe, our bodies and inject more balance into our lives through doing less, and simply Be-ing more.


This year I am going to practice more Recovery time, which is a new concept for me compared to the last 3 years of racing. More time for me to understand my mind, body and heart through grounding practices and the pursuit of healthier routines. It is by getting over my FOMO, that I will return even stronger, faster, in all dimensions of my health.


Sometimes the watch is right. How do you plan to honor your mind and body and heart ?



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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